Welcome to Non BS business opportunity presentation


My name is Nenad and I am network marketing professional. You came to this page because you’ve seen ad I placed and you were curious to see what it is about. So, welcome and I hope your curiosity led you to the right place. Reading this page and acting upon it might change your future.

I don’t believe in long sales pages whose goal is to get your e-mail address so they can spam you for years with different offers. Because of my beliefs, I am here to tell you my story, to give you more information about business opportunity and to let you decide if that makes sense to you. If it makes sense, you can join or you can contact me for more details.

Who I am?

As I stated in the first sentence, my name is Nenad and I am network marketing professional. I am independent Rain International distributor and in the next few minutes you will learn more about Rain International, about its products and its business opportunity. I am not going to write about my whole life, childhood or how I’ve made everything I have from nothing. (I really did, but I don’t it is important at this stage. If you join my team you will hear that story.). Only important is my work background: I was an entrepreneur in web development for 8 years and I was sales and marketing director in Telecommunications industry for the last 6 years. My first experience with network marketing and Rain happened 15 months ago. I instantly recognized that network marketing is for me: it provided an opportunity to work under my conditions, to be paid based on my results and to work from anywhere in the world. It was true entrepreneurial experience in which I take care of sales, marketing and education of me and my team and Rain International takes care of products, logistics and payments. After 12 months of working Rain as side job I decided to quit my regular job and to start working Rain business full time. That way I have enough time to support my growing team and to find new team members internationally. Also, I now have more time to spend with my family, to travel and to enjoy life at its fullest.

What Rain International is all about?

Rain International is young but stable company. It is category creator in wellness industry with innovative food supplement products made from whole, cold-pressed seeds. You probably already know that seeds are nutritionally richest parts of every plant (fruit or vegetable). Collecting non-gmo seeds, combining them and making tasteful juices and proteins of them is science and that is what makes Rain International unique. It is time to show you few short videos about seeds and how Rain products are made.

Why seeds?

RAIN manufacturing

Rain Soul – best selling product

You should have pretty good image of what Rain products are, but just to emphasize that products are non GMO, gluten free, vegan friendly so they are suitable for anyone.

What is the business opportunity here?

You were looking for this part, didn’t you? 🙂 Probably, you are asking yourself where is the money here and why you are spending so much time reading about seed based products. As I said before, this is network marketing business opportunity. Money is in selling products and having team which helps you to sell products. Everyone gets commissions based on their results. There are 9 different commissions and I am not going to explain each one of them. I will show you the video below from which you can understand basic principles of making money. Learn them, act upon them and teach your team to work on same principles and your checks will start growing. I am not offering another “get rich quick” scheme here. I am offering you opportunity to start your own business with Rain International and your results will be based on the work you put in your business. Work is not only selling product, it is learning as much as you can about network marketing business, sales techniques, Rain products and also teaching your team the same stuff. If you join my team, my team and I will help you with your learning: I will provide you with video resources, books, weekly phone calls, e-mail support and we expect you will help your team. Network marketing can be great experience if you work it properly and you understand there is no shortcut in making your business successful.  If you are looking for the shortcut, you will probably not find one here and you will be disappointed 🙂
Below is 10 minutes video of Rain compensation plan. It is the most important video on this page and I hope you will watch it before making the decision about joining my team. Other information on joining and my contact info are below the video.

Rain International Compensation Plan


Action time

Thank you for spending time on this page and reading it. I hope I provided you enough information so you can make the decision about starting your business with Rain International and my team. If you decided that you are ready to start, you can join Rain International here. If you feel that you need more information, feel free to contact me: nenad@seedspower.com or you can connect with me on social media:






If you are not interested in proposed business opportunity or Rain products, thank you anyway. You still can connect with me, we never know what good connections can bring in the future.