Black Cumin Seed + Oil

Black Cumin – The Answer to a Host of Illnesses

The earth rotates around its axis once in 24 hours and revolves around the sun once in 365 days approximately. As of now the Earth is believed to be the only planet which supports life. It has all the right constituents in the right proportions to sustain life. Now isn’t that something! Earth is complete in itself. The nature of Earth is designed to have all the required solutions for sustaining life.

The serenity of nature heals our mind and soul. Herbs and seeds heal and rejuvenate our body. Everything around us is there for a purpose and today I will be throwing light on one of such things called ‘black cumin seed oil’. Wondering how this small seed is so special? Read on and be prepared to be floored by this amazing part of earth’s yield.

The Power Packed in the Black Cumin Seed Oil

You’ll be surprised to know that this small seed hosts around 100 different ingredients.  Crystalline Nigellone is the primary active ingredient. Some of the other active ingredients are fatty acids, vitamins B1, B2 and B3, proteins, folic acid, Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron, Copper and Zinc. This belittled seed is an explosive which can improve your overall health and help you fight against a host of illnesses.

·         Anti-inflammatory

Patients with inflammatory problems and rheumatism have experienced relief with this magical seed’s oil. Thymoquinone is the constituent which contributes to this dimension.


·         Improves Immune System

Stimulating the increase in neutrophil activity and protein production are the critical uses of this seed. It works towards fighting bacterial, viral and other invasions on the body.

A step further in thoughts, you can find healing without antibiotics which in itself improves your immunity quotient. Taking black cumin regularly can help protect you from cold, stomach upsets, diarrhoea and intestinal parasites.

·         Cancer

Research has proved that black cumin seed oil inhibits the growth of cancer cells and also contributes to cell death in cancer affected areas. Thymoquinone in cumin does this wonder work for us. Apart from this, cancer patients can take this during their treatment to prevent damage to their body due to radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

Black cumin is an overall prevention package against cancer.  Did you know black cumin held up so much power in them? Surprised! That’s not all. Read on to know more benefits of this wonder ingredient.

·         Beauty

Wellness and beauty are equally important and black cumin is a complete package with solutions for skin problems as well. Taking black cumin seed oil can help treat acne, psoriasis and eczema. Apart from nourishment of skin it also stimulates hair growth and prevents early greying of hair.

·         Anti-convulsive

Black cumin seed extract is capable of helping epileptic patients. It acts to reduce the severity and the frequency of the seizers.

·         Intestinal Issues

Problems in the intestines lead to ill absorption of nutrients from the food which is the root cause of a number of diseases and problems. Black cumin seed oil heals and improves the functions of the gut which has lasting effects on our health.

These are a just a few uses of this seed.  Apart from these, black cumin seed oil has a positive effect on migraines, high blood pressure, arthritis, cholesterol, depression, sinusitis and allergic reactions as well.  Many of its properties are still in different stages of research.

Rain International’s Rain Soul Drink

Rain International is among the first companies to have invested time and effort in to understanding the natural medicinal elements in the environment. This has resulted in a totally natural complete package called “Rain Soul Drink”. This formula uses cold pressed black cumin seed oil which helps in retaining its natural nutritional value and flavour.

Apart from this wonder ingredient, it also contains black raspberry seed, chardonnay grape seed and D-ribose which make this mix a necessity to have more than a supplement. Each of these ingredients is naturally occurring which ensures that it only improves the different parameters of your body. Every ingredient plays a specific role and together they have proved to be the one natural formula sufficient to fight against a horde of illnesses.

You’ll be amused to know unlike synthesized tonics, the Rain Soul drink has a very pleasant taste which makes it easy to drink for adults and children alike.

Have you ever wondered how ancient people survived through illnesses? They didn’t have allopathic or mainstream medicines back then. They survived on these naturally occurring seeds, flowers, leaves and barks for medicine and food.

Earth is a complete planet. All that you need is right there and Rain International made things easier for us. They found all the vital ingredients and have presented to us the Rain Soul drink for healing and protecting our body.

Which is better: spending on Rain Soul drink and protecting against illnesses or contracting illnesses and then spending on curing the ailments? There is an old saying which goes “Prevention is better than Cure.” Make Rain Soul a part of your daily diet and help your body protect itself.

On a closing note, sound mind dwells in a healthy body.  Drink Rain Soul and take your health a step further. Don’t let your health come in the way of fulfilling your dreams and being there for your family. Live healthy, think healthy.

Try the elixir of life – The Rain Soul Drink! And be prepared to be floored by the massive melioration in store for your body.