Turn Your Health Around for the Better with Black Raspberry Seed Oil

A seed sown brings forth a plant which yields fruits and flowers. A mother bears life in herself for 9 months and brings forth a baby who grows to be taller than her in most cases. Every process on this planet is planned to be self sustained. And this is applicable to our lives as well. By birth all our organs and systems are designed to function in a particular manner. The earth bears an umpteen number of fruits, seeds and leaves which restore and help our body to function in a healthy manner.

Have you wondered why humans go after medicines which constitute chemicals with side effects? There may be a number of reasons but two major factors are discussed in this paragraph. Firstly, it addresses the symptom and not the underlying issue which gives the patient a quick feeling of wellness for a short period of time. Although after a while, the same issue may reoccur along with the side effects of the medicine previously taken, the quick relief is a major tempter for patients. Secondly, studying the naturally occurring medicines is a tedious procedure which most of the people are not called to do. Due to this reason a commoner’s search for health care will lead them to the many allopathic medicines which beat the natural medicines in terms of easy availability.

Do you wish to take a stand for you and your family? Read on as I throw light on just one of the many medicinal yields of Earth – the black Raspberry seed. And be prepared to be blown off by the immense power it holds in itself. You’re sure to hunt down the best natural option after reading this.

Power of Black Raspberry Seed Oil

Raspberry seed is home to a wide range of constituents like ellagic acid, phenolic compounds and omega 3 fats to name a few.  Wondering why seeds are used and not the fruit? That’s because the power packed in the seed is much higher than the fruit. This belittled entity is the symbol of life and is designed to hold up a huge reservoir of elements in it. This segment throws light on the different ailments that are cured with black raspberry seed oil.

Anti-oxidant Properties against Obesity

The phyto-nutrients present in raspberry posses very high anti-oxidant capacity. This boosts the metabolism by improving the enzyme activity quotient and oxygen supply to the body for facilitating burning of fat cells. This is also believed to help type 2 diabetes patients in fighting against the abnormal sugar levels.


Eyes are the windows to the world and black raspberry seed oil is the much needed greasing for keeping it functional for a long time. This seed oil improves the blood circulation in retina’s capillaries. This keeps all the parts of eye in good condition and improves the sight capability particularly the night vision. Diabetic patients are benefited by this factor as it prevents loss of vision.

Heart Health

Black raspberries stimulate the oxidation of low density lipo-protein. This controls hypertension in heart patients resulting in a strong heart. Are you awestruck? Well there is more this little seed can do to help you with keeping yourself fit and healthy.


Anthocyanins present in these magic seeds help combat arthritis and other inflammatory ailments. The effect of these naturally occurring substances is that they are very gentle on your body as they work towards the healing process. This prevents further damage to the system and cures your aches the nature’s way.


Ellagic acid and phenolic compounds are present in high concentrations in the seed which retard the growth of cancer cells and even tumour formations. These power packed seeds also help radiation and chemotherapy patients in protecting their good cells from damaging during the treatment.

Healthy Skin

Omega fatty acids along with vitamin A regenerate and stabilize your skin. It’s a safe cure for skin conditions like acne and psoriasis. It also nourishes hair and prevents split ends.

The above mentioned are just a few of its many uses. The black raspberry seed oil is usually used in the cold pressed form to retain its goodness the natural way.

Embrace the Elixir of Life – Rain Soul Drink

Now the question is – Where do you get these naturally occurring extracts? Rain International proudly presents to you the one stop solution for all your health problems – Rain Soul Drink. It contains black cumin seed oil, D-ribose and chardonnay grape seed apart from black raspberry seed oil.

This solution treats the underlying issues and works towards getting your organs and internal systems functioning normally, which leads to prevention of ailments. Rain International has spent a lot of time and effort in understanding the nature of different ingredients present in our environment. And this Soul drink is the end product of that hard work. It treats the root cause and not the symptom!

This drink retains the medicinal values of each of the ingredients in its natural form, which increases its impact many times compared to many similar products in the market. That is how the Rain Soul drink scores over the other solutions.

The product is designed for both children and adults alike with a pleasant taste.  And the best part is it’s an all round prevention protection package with absolutely no side effects. Just the way mother’s milk is the purest form of food for a new born baby, mother Earth gives us all we need in the purest form.

What are you waiting for? Grab your bottle of Rain Soul drink and begin the process of rejuvenation of your body cells, organs and systems.

One of Benjamin Franklin’s quotes goes this way, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Cleanse your body with Rain Soul Drink and enjoy a new lease of life free of body aches and ailments.